Applied Software

The MIZ uses the complete range of Microsoft Office® and Adobe Acrobat®. MIZ uses various CAD and Picture Editing Softwares including special trained personnel.
In the field of ​​IETP, we are working with a professional editorial system, supported by Arbortext®, Isodraw® (S1000D) and APART® (S2000M). This is supported by special programs for quality checks and document management, produced by our application programmers.

Partly we use Schemata ST4®

With our fast and secure VPN®– or CITRIX®– connections, our technical writers are able to work with performant remote desktops locally independend within the MIZ IT-System.

MIZ is distribution partner of the Absolute Data Group (ADG) with their editing system R4i® ( and supports international customers with the introduction of this performant system.